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Heat preservation elbow

    Heat preservation elbow

    The heat insulation elbow is a kind of heat preservation pipe fittings. ..


The heat insulation elbow is a kind of heat preservation pipe fittings. It is made up of high density polyethylene outer tube, polyurethane foam insulation layer and internal work steel pipe. The heat preservation elbow is mainly used for the steering of the heat preservation straight pipe. It is generally used in conjunction with the heat preservation pipeline. It is used for compensation according to the design of the heat preservation pipeline, so that the elbow can have enough heat preservation performance. The standard elbow angles are 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees.

Heat preservation elbow is widely used in liquid and gas transmission pipeline network, chemical pipeline heat preservation engineering petroleum, chemical, central heating network, air conditioning ventilation pipeline, municipal engineering pipeline bend. Heat preservation pipe (including elbow, tee and tee) is a kind of direct-buried polyurethane heat preservation pipe with good heat preservation performance, reliability and low cost. Effective solution to heat supply, cooling, thermal, power, chemical and other pipeline engineering insulation pipe, bend insulation, sliding lubrication, exposed pipe end, bend waterproof, corrosion protection and other issues. It not only has the advanced technology and practical performance incomparable with the traditional trench and overhead pipeline, but also has remarkable social and economic benefits, energy saving and environmental protection benefits.

Insulation elbow is a kind of conveying medium elbow, anticorrosive coat steel pipe and elbow and coat steel pipe filled with polyurethane combination. The principle of thermal insulation elbow is the same as that of directly buried thermal insulation pipe. It is a new burying technology of waterproof, leak-proof, seepage-proof, compression-proof and fully enclosed. It is a great breakthrough in the application of directly buried technology in areas with higher groundwater level. The protection pipe of directly buried pipeline is the reliability of strict waterproofing, which has good mechanical strength. The high temperature polyethylene elbow is tightly combined with the polyurethane foam insulation layer and the inner work steel pipe due to the high strength. The waterproof performance is very high, and its high temperature resistance is also very high. He can not match the external protection pipe.



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