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Cangzhou zhentian pipeline equipment manufacturing co., ltd. is located in yanshan, hebei province. The company is near the bohai sea in the east, Beijing and tianjin in the north and qilu in the south. The company mainly produces high school low-pressure elbow tee and other pipe fittings and forged high school low-pressure flange, providing qualified products for chemical industry, ship making and other industries, enabling the company's products to go abroad and sell well everywhere.

The company developed a series of products best-selling all over the United States and Europe, the Middle East and southeast Asia. It provides sound services for gas, heat, nuclear power, electricity, petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, aerospace, military industry, fire control, metallurgy, shipbuilding, urban construction, water heating and environmental protection industries.

Under the operating principle of "credit management, credit first", the company has been pursuing management innovation and technological innovation for many years, and has established a relatively perfect management and pipeline equipment support system to meet the needs of customers.

Cangzhou tiantian pipe equipment manufacturing co., ltd. has a sound after-sales technical service system. In terms of after-sales service, it has strict measures and strong technical force, which can guarantee the product to the place where the service team will go and meet the various requirements of users in terms of product technical service.

Cangzhou town day pipeline equipment manufacturing co., LTD. Has been to "benevolence is great and for the small, the real service for the people" is the management idea, the town of day willing to quality products and sincere service and customer sincere cooperation, new markets, create brilliant, my company all staff warmly welcome friends from all walks of life and the new and old customers to guide!

Qualified products, reasonable prices, perfect quality assurance system, perfect after-sales service for customers. So far, our factory already has a quite complete product structure, and, in the products quality in the same industry, quality must not be allowed a questionable products to market, from product design, raw material selection, processing and manufacturing, factory packaging until the after-sales service, are carried out strictly according to the requirements of the quality system. "Win-win" is an important part of corporate culture. Our channel policy is to "replace management by communication" to achieve the common improvement of corporate culture and sales performance in the cooperation and share the rich profit space. "Quality for survival, credibility for the market, science and technology for development", wholeheartedly welcome the general new and old customers and my company to establish stable cooperative relations, work together to create a brilliant tomorrow!

In this company manager with all the staff, welcome the arrival of people from all walks of life, common cooperation and common development, create a better tomorrow!

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