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    Serpentine bend is a special difficult pipe, which can be divided into cold simmer and hot simmer. ..


Serpentine bend is a special difficult pipe, which can be divided into cold simmer and hot simmer. In general, the small and medium pipe diameter bend can be obtained by cold bending. Large pipe sizes require thermal bending.

It is mainly used for bending nonferrous or ferrous metal pipes, and can be applied to building materials, shipbuilding, chemical engineering, metallurgy, boilers and heavy machinery manufacturing departments. The products are mainly used in building circular steel structure, tunnel support, roof curved beam, subway engineering, aluminum doors and Windows, ceiling, cylindrical internal skeleton, balcony handrails, shower door, production line track, fitness equipment and other industries. Medium frequency bend is widely used in the pipeline prefabrication in power, petroleum, chemical industry, navigation, nuclear industry and other engineering fields. Intermediate frequency bend is stay in steel pipe bending part set in the process of induction coil, mechanically pivoted arm stuck pipe head, zhongtong into the intermediate frequency induction coil current heating tube, when the steel tube temperature to the plastic state, after the steel pipe end with mechanical thrust forward, bending, bending of making steel pipe section with coolant cooling rapidly, so that heating, while advancing, bending, while cooling, constantly to bend pipe bending.


By using this process, the small radius with uniform wall thickness (R. 12) and thin wall (t. Medium frequency pipe bending machine adopts medium frequency induction heating to bend the workpiece under local heating condition. Compared with the general cold pipe bending machine, not only does not need the complete set of special mold, but also takes up only 1/3 ~ 1/2 of the same size cold pipe bending machine. Medium frequency thermal bending process is one of the most economical and effective bending processes available.

Features of medium frequency pipe bending machine:

By using this technology can be in the same horn mandrel last push to produce the same caliber of 45 ° and 90 °, 180 ° bend bend Angle, high production efficiency.

Executive standards: gbt8163-1999, gbt8162-1999, ASTM A106A53 gr.b, API 5L gr.b, JIS G3456 STPT42, etc.

Material: A234 WPB, A105N, TP304, TP316, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 3021, etc.

The deformation process when the pipe is simmered: when the pipe is simmered, resistance force is exerted on the inner side of the longitudinal pipe, the pipe is shortened and the pipe wall is thickened. The outside of the pipe is subjected to tension, the pipe elongates and the pipe wall thins. No stress, no deformation in the middle of the pipe; The cross section of the pipe changed from circular to elliptical.

Bending is a common method in serpentine bending process. The profile drawing and bending can be divided into two types: cold pushing and hot pushing. The bending process is carried out on the usual press, hydraulic press or special push machine, and is often used for bending the elbow. It is a process method to push and bend the tube billet with the help of serpentine bending device in the general hydraulic press or the crank pressure machine.



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