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Elliptical head
Elliptical head

    Elliptical head

    The elliptical head is a head consisting of half elliptical shells and straight edges...


The elliptical head is a head consisting of half elliptical shells and straight edges. Because the curvature radius of the elliptic curve changes continuously, only the stress of the cattle film is produced in the whole part of the elliptic shell after compression, and the discontinuous stress is small because of the common tangent between the elliptic shell and the straight edge. If the ratio of long axis to short axis equals 2, the edge stress at the connection of elliptical shell and straight edge is very small, which can not be considered.

Elliptical head, also known as elliptical head, elliptical head, is composed of rotating elliptical sphere and cylindrical straight section of the head. The elliptical head with a ratio of 2.0 of the long and short axes of the revolving elliptical spherical generatrix is customarily called the standard elliptical head. The mechanical performance of the elliptical head is only inferior to that of the hemispherical head, but it is better than that of the disc head. Owing to the elliptical head's depth between the hemispherical head and the dish head, the requirement of stamping equipment and die and the difficulty of manufacture are between the two, that is, it is easier than the hemispherical head and more difficult than the dish head. Elliptical head is widely used in medium and low pressure vessels because of its comprehensive performance. In recent years, because of the spinning process, it has brought convenience to the manufacture of large diameter elliptical head.


It is composed of a half elliptical sphere and a straight cylinder. It absorbs the advantages of the hemispherical head with good force and shallow depth of the dish head. Because the curvature of the ellipse part is smooth and continuous, the stress distribution in the head is more uniform. The depth BT of the elliptical head depends on the ratio of the long axis to the short axis of the elliptical head, i.e. the inner diameter I of the head: the smaller the ratio of the head to the L dagger (IJ, I2h), the greater the depth of the head, and the thinner the uniform wall, but it is difficult to manufacture. Wall thickness increases. So the general value of D, I2h is not more than. G when I),} 2 is 1 2, for the Standard Oval head, it is a common pressure vessel head.



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