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Thick wall head

    Thick wall head

    The thick wall head is used to seal the pipeline, and the function is the same as that of the plug. ..


The thick wall head is used to seal the pipeline, and the function is the same as that of the plug. It is a main pressure bearing part of pressure vessel. It plays a role of sealing. One is made of the top and bottom of the tank pressure vessel, thick-walled head, the other is the end of the pipe, not ready to extend forward, then with a thick-walled head in the form of welding pipe sealed, buy thick-walled head, and the head can not be removed after welding.

The internal defects of thick-wall head during welding process are mainly cracks, incomplete penetration, incomplete fusion, slag inclusion and gas holes; the external defects are mainly surface cracks, gas holes, welding nodules, arc pits and undercut, etc. It is easy to observe and control the external defects of the weld.

Crack control of thick wall head of pressure vessel

To control the harmful impurities (such as sulfur and phosphorus) in the weld, the materials used for butt welding of spherical thick-wall head and forging flange are re-examined.

By improving the primary crystallization of weld metal and refining grain, the crack resistance of weld metal can be improved.

During the calendering process of thick-walled head, the phenomenon of bulging usually occurs at the part with larger curvature. The material of thick-walled head is made of ring-shaped integral calendering die. The large curvature part near the edge of the head is preloaded to make the blank become flat-bottomed pot shape, and then the blank is pressed and formed by punch.

The wear-resistant steel used for thick walled elbow can be used as a basic material in various piping systems. Such as abrasive wear, corrosive wear, erosion wear, impact wear and so on.

Wear is one of the main forms of damage to thick-walled elbows. Wear causes a large consumption of energy and raw materials. According to incomplete statistics, 1/3 to 1/2 of energy is consumed in friction and wear.

In recent decades, the development and application of low and medium alloy wear-resistant steels have developed rapidly. Because of their good wear resistance and toughness, simple production process, reasonable comprehensive economy, they are suitable for many working conditions and are welcomed by users. This also makes the thick wall wear-resisting elbow widely used, and the cost is even lower.

For petroleum gas pipeline engineering, natural gas pipeline engineering, chemical plants, power plants, shipyards, pharmaceuticals, dairy products, beer, beverages, water conservancy, etc.



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