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Wear-resisting bend
Wear-resisting bend

    Wear-resisting bend

    Wear-resisting bend give full play to the high strength, good toughness, impact resistance, good weldability and high hardness...


Wear-resisting bend give full play to the high strength, good toughness, impact resistance, good weldability and high hardness, high wear resistance, corrosion resistant, heat resistant performance is good wait for a characteristic, has good wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and mechanical shock and thermal shock resistance, weldability and other comprehensive performance, is conveying grain material, grinding, the ideal of corrosive medium wear-resisting, corrosion resistant pipe. Wear-resistant composite bend

Wear-resistant bend is applied in power industry, and throughout metallurgy, coal, petroleum, chemical industry, building materials, machinery and other industries.

When materials with high grinding are transported in the pipeline (such as ash, coal, mineral powder, tailings cement, etc.), there is a problem of fast wear of pipeline, especially of the bend. When there is a strong corrosive gas, liquid or solid in the pipeline, there is a problem that the pipeline is corroded and destroyed quickly.

The relationship between the microstructure and properties of wear-resistant bend and casting temperature

In this paper, the phase change point of wear-resisting bend cast by high ni-cr centrifugal composite casting was measured.

Using scanning electron microscopy (sem), X-ray diffraction analysis method, studies the heat treatment process on the microstructure and mechanical properties of wear-resistant pipe casting and the effect of 860 ℃ and 890 ℃ is fire, the wear-resisting bend layer hardness value is higher; Normalizing temperature is 920 ℃, cooled and retained austenite (Ar) quantity increase, hardness decreased obviously; Normalizing temperature is 830 ℃, a lower hardness of pearlite. After 860 ℃ are fire cooling, at 400 ℃ tempering stress relieving is completely, carbide has yet to grow up, tiny and uniform dispersion on the acicular martensite matrix, the distribution of wear resistant composite pipe bending the wear-resisting layer of hardness is higher, to prevent the expansion of the crack. As the tempering temperature increases, the hardness of the sample decreases and the impact toughness increases first and then decreases. The cast structure of the modified infinite chill cast iron roll is bainite + carbide + a little martensite + a little residual austenite + vermicular graphite. After heat treatment, a small amount of austenite in the wear-resistant bending structure almost disappeared, and the number of bainite increased obviously. 250 ℃ tempering, wear-resisting pipe has good comprehensive mechanical properties. After laser heat treatment, the massive carbide dissolved in the hardening zone and distributed evenly. The closer the boundary of the phase-change hardening zone is to the heat-affected zone, the thicker and denser the secondary carbide is. The laser power and scanning speed remain unchanged. When the defocusing amount is 0 mm, the surface surface shows a convex micro-melting zone and softening phenomenon. The wear-resistant bent-pipe structure maintains martensite phase, with a small amount of carbide and ferrite.

The higher the temperature of the heat treatment process, the smaller the martensite structure in the wear-resistant cutting. Under the same deformation temperature, the larger the shape variable, the smaller the needle - like martensite structure. The hardness of alloy strength is high and the elongation after breaking is high. With the increase of aging temperature and time, the hardness value of the alloy increases first and then becomes stable after reaching the peak value.



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